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Amrita Alumni Mentoring Program

Build connections with our global network of exceptional alumni by serving as a mentor, mentee, or both. Apply here for Amrita Alumni Mentoring Program.

This multi-industry mentoring program offers current Amrita students the chance to get mentoring from skilled Amrita alumni who are active in their chosen subject of interest or a closely related career. The program’s objective is to assist the growth of students’ employability by enabling them to build informed professional insights and achieve their career goals.


The Amrita Alumni Mentoring Program includes two distinct mentoring components that can accommodate any commitment level or schedule. You can select a mentorship program that suits your needs or choose to enroll in both programs.


Short-term mentoring is ideal for alumni with demanding schedules who can’t dedicate themselves to an extended mentoring relationship. This is based on one-time in-person or online interactions that deliver knowledge or skills when mentees need them, as opposed to a connection that lasts months.

Who can enroll for Short-term Mentoring?

  • Alumni from all Amrita campuses who have completed their graduation
  • Amrita Alumni who are Industry professionals/Entrepreneurs/Academicians/Creative professionals
  • Amrita faculty from all campuses


The extended mentoring program connects qualified students and recent graduates with teachers or experienced alumni who share their interests and career ambitions. Over the student’s final semester, the mentee and mentor work together one-on-one to achieve the mentee’s career goals.

Who can enroll for Extended Mentoring?

  • Amrita Alumni who are Industry professionals/Entrepreneurs/Academicians/Creative professionals
  • Amrita faculty from all campuses
  • Must have at least 2 years of professional industry experience


As a participant in the Amrita Alumni Mentoring program, you will have the opportunity to ask for a mentor to help you with your academic improvement, career advice, and personal growth. You will be able to network with business executives, industry leaders, and admired entrepreneurs who will assist you in developing your career. Even though we promote regular communication between mentors and mentees like a once-a-month phone call, in-person meeting, or email conversation, you can decide together on the type and frequency of communication. 

Your mentoring experience is in your hands:

  • Select a mentor based on your interests and needs
  • Have one-off conversations or establish an ongoing relationship
  • Connect with one or more mentors


1. Educational Engagement

  • Conduct Individual & Group Training 

Participate in individual & group career guiding sessions and help students develop their skills.

  • Conduct In-person/Online Talks

Engage with the present students and leave a lasting influence on them by sharing your knowledge.

  • Lead Technical Workshops

Lead technical workshops to help Amrita students gain practical technical skills.

  • Conduct a Fractal Course

Teach a one-credit course and complete 15 hours of instruction per semester at your convenience.

  • Chair/Co-chair Conferences

Based on your qualifications and experience chair/co-chair a conference at Amrita.

  • Become a Member of the Board of Studies

Become a member of the Board of Studies & help Amrita achieve greater heights.

  • Sponsor Talented Students

Sponsor one or more talented students fully or partially (travel/living expenses) and help them achieve better career prospects 

2. Research Engagement

  • Co-author a Paper

Spend an hour every week assisting our Ph.D. or master’s students in co-authoring or helping to publish a paper in a Scopus-indexed journal.

  • Write Proposals

Recommend or introduce us to people who can collaborate with us by writing joint proposals for grants and funds.

  • Support faculty research

Assist faculty in identifying funding opportunities, collecting & organizing research data, professional development, etc.

3. Industry Engagement

Leverage your industry expertise to help current Amrita students get benefitted by:

  • Offering internship opportunities
  • Conducting career guidance/counseling/ training sessions
  • Helping with campus placements
  • Recommending for a job at your company
  • Partnering to conduct major events like Hackathons
  • Helping with International Faculty & Student recruitment
  • Marketing Amrita International Programs abroad
  • Helping with digital media marketing/social media campaigns
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