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AI will help you to make the world a better place!

Ever asked Siri to sing you a lullaby, beamed wittily at surveillance cameras, purchased a product that Flipkart suggested, paid with your debit card, or found your travel companion from a social app? You have, of course. Most of us have probably done at least one of these things recently. Maybe, a couple of minutes ago.

You guessed it—AI and data serve as the foundation for all of these routine tasks. But what if we tell you that there is more that AI can do for society? Millions of women and children who are being trafficked can be rescued by AI. AI intervenes, gathers, and evaluates the data, and spots patterns at a pace that is unachievable by humans to find victims and track criminals. Not only this, AI is offering the world a better chance at securing precious lives, from averting potentially fatal traffic accidents to mitigating serious environmental problems. And, the superstars behind all these brilliant initiatives? Of course, all the AI/ML practitioners out there! 

133 million jobs!

The history of artificial intelligence has never seen such remarkable developments as we are currently experiencing. It has become the newest advancement in technology and has altered the course of nearly every business. Due to the rise in demand, there is a larger need for professionals in the field of AI. By the year 2022, artificial intelligence is expected to provide 133 million new employments, according to The World Economic Forum. Yes, the future is indeed AI!

The AI magic!

Be it IBM, Facebook, Google, or any other tech giant you can think of, they are thrusting AI at the forefront of everything. Smaller businesses and start-ups are increasingly embracing the implementation of this technology to enhance their capabilities and performances. Companies view them as investments rather than costs since they know they will pay off in the long term. You will find the following list of industries and applications astounding!

Industry Applications
Healthcare Medical imaging
Drug discovery 
Robotic surgery
Food Tech Managing supply chain
Food safety compliance monitoring
New product development 
Logistics and Transportation Product localization and identification
Warehouse Automation 
Shipment Load Monitoring
Real Estate  Lead generation
Property valuation
Budget Management
Manufacturing Defect inspection
Quality assurance
PPE detection
IT  Asset management system
  Document management system
  Web portal development
Retail and E-commerce  Chatbots
  Product recommendation systems
  Pricing optimisation
Banking and Financial Services  Fraud detection
  Personalized banking experience
Travel  Flight forecasting
  Travel chatbots
  Baggage handling solutions
Entertainment and Gaming  Content personalization
  Enhanced AR, and VR
  Balancing in-game complexity

Reference 1

AI for fun: You have 20 seconds to draw an object from Quick, Draw! on your screen. Until it recognizes what you’re drawing or the timer expires, it continues to guess what you’re drawing. You must draw six doodles for Quick, Draw! to guess in each game. Here you go: 

(We told you. AI is fun 😉)

Skills that matter!

There are several different competencies that you can master to pursue a career in artificial intelligence, all of which need extensive training. Knowing which skills are in demand will help you land the job you want as there are many different career opportunities in AI. Research scientists, for instance, propose novel and distinct ways for machines to think. To assist machines in analyzing data and making judgments, machine learning engineers develop algorithms based on these theories. But the thing that unites all of these disciplines is that they all need a lot of background in math and science-related subjects. You might be smiling now!

Here, we have listed the most popular artificial intelligence skills that can help you land a prestigious job in this magical field!

Technical Skills

  1. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  2. Neural Networks
  3. Natural Language Processing
  4. Robotics
  5. Visual Image Recognition
  6. Autonomous Driving
  7. Programming languages (Python, Java, etc)
  8. Data Science
  9. Statistics and probability
  10. Data Engineering
  11. Exploratory data analysis

Soft Skills

  1. Emotional intelligence
  2. Decision making
  3. Problem-solving
  4. Critical thinking
  5. Creativity
  6. Communication skills
  7. Leadership skills
  8. Self-awareness
  9. Lifelong learning
  10. Time management
  11. Work Ethic


Time for a skill test: Now, take this test to identify your skill set: 

(Done? If you can’t wait for a second to upskill yourself, go to the bottom of this page!)

Enter the AI world and transform the future!

Now, let’s see the different career paths that can help you to enter the AI world smartly!

  • Data Scientist: Handle big data and create predictive machine learning models
  • AI Analyst: Research the trends and patterns of specific datasets
  • Research scientist: Provide AI-focused solutions to real-world challenges  
  • AI & ML Engineer: Implement AI solutions by performing statistical analysis 
  • Robotics Scientist: Construct and oversee the robotic systems 
  • Product Manager: Systematically gather data to find solutions to difficult problems 

AI for fun: Feel like singing a song now? Why don’t you try singing like Freddie Mercury? Imitate Freddie Mercury’s voice now and check how closely your voice matches Freddie’s! Try it out: 

(We told you. AI is fun 😉)


Ways to upskill!

  1. Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certification: 
  2. Amazon Certifications:  
  3. Computer System Security, IIT Kanpur: 
  4. Python Programming – A Practical Approach, IIT Kanpur 
  5. AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification, IIT Kanpur 
  6. Data Science using Python, IIT Kanpur 
  7. Deep Learning using Python Programming (Online Mode), IIT Kanpur 
  8. Applied Accelerated Artificial Intelligence, SWAYAM
  1.  Post Graduate Programme in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, BITS Pilani
  1. Specialization Certification in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, E & ICT Academy, IIT Kanpur
  1. Certificate Programme in Data Science & Machine Learning, IIT Delhi
  1. Advanced Certificate Program in Data Science & AI By E&ICT Academy, IIT Roorkee
  1. Professional Certificate Programme in Applied Data Science, IIT Palakkad

Now, before you start upskilling, why don’t you try this word association game and understand how the algorithms comprehend our languages? It would be fun!

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