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The future of digital marketing isn’t what you expect!

“In the time it took you to read this sentence 20m e-mails have been sent.”– John Watton

John Watton is right! As consumers spend more time than ever in front of their screens, today businesses of all kinds are striving to improve their production of digital content to benefit from the cultural and consumer shift to all things digital. By 2022, it is anticipated that Global spending on digital advertising will reach $566 billion!

The demand for qualified digital marketing specialists is growing, and LinkedIn rates “Digital Marketing Specialist” as one of the top 10 most in-demand positions, with 8,60,000 job openings. Yes, you heard it right! However, leading assessments, reveal that there is a severe lack of trained digital marketing professionals in the workforce. 

Now before we delve deep into the nuances of digital marketing, let’s sip a coffee and briefly acknowledge the digital marketing sector. 

Digital Marketing Simplified

Digital marketing is, to put it simply, a marketing technique that aids in the more effective promotion of goods and services. It is any form of marketing that can be measured by marketing experts across the consumer journey and that leverages electronic devices to deliver promotional messaging. It’s interesting to see how the field of digital marketing is expanding due to constant change. The secret to effective digital marketing is developing stronger marketing plans that support company expansion. An excellent digital marketer is aware of the kind of content that would work best for their customers and drive the most traffic to their website. Curious to know more? Stay put!

How giant is the digital marketing industry?

You’ll see that the outlook for a career in digital marketing is excellent and will remain so in the coming years when you look at the prospects in this vibrant field. Let’s check.

  • Global spending on digital advertising will rise quickly in the future years. The most recent predictions state that by 2025, digital advertising income would amount to more than 700 billion US dollars.
  • In 2021, the Indian digital advertising market reached a size of over 200 billion Indian rupees, a significant increase from the previous year. Digital advertising was predicted to reach almost 360 billion Indian rupees by 2023 due to the steadily expanding digital media business in India, following the upward trend that has emerged over the previous years.
  • Nearly 666 million Indians will be active internet users by 2023, and there will be more than 5.3 billion users worldwide. Therefore, this shows that a greater proportion of individuals are moving online, and the need to initiate more internet marketing campaigns increases.

Source: Statista

Overwhelmed by the statistics? Here’s a super cool fact to energize you!

Supercool fact: Over 3.5 hours of the average person’s day are spent on their mobile device (the figures are way higher for millennials)!

Utilize the swelling demand for digital marketers

Do you know that the demand for digital marketers has significantly increased over the past few years? Yes. However, as per leading reports, 74% of firms are severely short on digital marketing talent despite the increase in marketing jobs. Currently, there is a 59% demand for digital marketing professionals. And, the supply? Just 19%! 

We now live in a digital age, and marketing spending is shifting away from conventional marketing channels and toward digital advertising. Marketing now plays a more technological and data-driven role. Businesses are expanding their online presence, and there is a rising demand for digital marketing positions globally. Employers are increasingly seeking individuals with coding abilities, an understanding of analytics, and technological proficiency. A blend of technical, creative, quantitative, and qualitative talents makes up the in-demand marketing skill set.

The countries that are in the greatest need of digital marketers globally are as follows:

  • India
  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Australia
  • Ireland
  • Philippines

Explore a plethora of opportunities

There will always be a variety of digital marketing positions accessible, regardless of your preference for business and management, technology, or the creative side. Here are some popular digital marketing professions that are predicted to experience growth in demand over the ensuing years, along with a fantastic pay trajectory.

SEM Specialist 

Paid advertisements on all search engines and display networks are handled by Search Engine Marketing (SEM) specialists. Search engine marketing may be just up your alley if you have excellent analytical skills and don’t get intimidated by numbers. You will be able to perform this work effectively with your proficiency in several technical abilities, including the fundamentals of coding, guidelines for website design, and knowledge of search engine algorithms.

SEO Specialist

The majority of businesses will want to appear higher in search engine results; thus, they require professionals in these fields. According to SEO Basics, the demand for SEM specialists is increasing at a rate of approximately 100% annually, while the need for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialists keeps rising to the point where there is a shortage of people with such abilities available to fill open positions. You can be the best earners in this profession if you demonstrate technical and digital marketing expertise, especially in terms of management.

Paid media specialist

Your web portals’ traffic is brought in by a paid media specialist through online advertising on websites like Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc. A mixture of a creative and analytical mind is necessary for success as a paid media specialist. As a Paid Media Specialist, you will be fast to recognize the platforms that will best reach your target audience and be creative with your media buying techniques to acquire the best input optimization for increased output.

Supercool fact: Every day, 210 billion emails are sent on average!

Content Writers

As a Content Writer, you will create interesting and instructive pieces to support brands in showcasing their goods. You will produce the greatest written or graphic material possible, from blog posts to press releases, and write on a variety of topics. The best part is you will stay up to date on the most recent SEO strategies and ultimately be able to contribute to the creation of plans for raising reader engagement. Let your thoughts influence the world!

UX Designer

UX designers must comprehend audiences as well as have in-depth knowledge of the product or service because they are concerned with understanding the website from the perspective of the entire marketing experience. As a UX designer, you will play a crucial part in optimizing an e-commerce website to encourage visitors to browse and make purchases. You will often assume the lead position in project management for visual design and testing, paying close attention to a website’s or application’s usability to enhance the user experience throughout.

Data Analyst

One of the key components of a digital marketing team and one of the most specialized areas of expertise is analytics. Analytics helps businesses identify what is working and what is not by letting them know if they are on the correct route. As a Data Analyst, you will collect and examine data using specialized technologies to produce information that aids in decision-making. You will also answer inquiries about data and probe it for patterns, trends, and anomalies.

Content Manager

Content managers are involved in creating the best social media strategy in addition to creating an efficient editing calendar, managing a team of writers, creating engaging videos, reporting and planning utilizing analytics, and a variety of other related responsibilities. They are imaginative, well-organized, and self-motivated. As a Content Manager, you will manage teams, collaborate with a variety of clients to accomplish this, and produce top-notch digital content that is effective across a variety of platforms.

Digital Marketing Manager

A strong understanding of all things marketing and business related will help you to become a successful Digital Marketing Manager. In addition to developing a digital marketing strategy, you will demonstrate your experience in financial forecasting, strategic planning, and execution. When you are in this position, you will lead while taking risks, make decisions with conviction, and delegate effectively. Sounds cool, right?

Supercool fact: Google receives 5 billion searches every day!

Truth revealed!

In light of this, we’ve gathered the average salary information for the most in-demand digital marketing roles, from entry-level to senior-level, that you may use as a guide for what to anticipate!

Job roleCountryEntry level (1 yr exp.)- Avg. Salary/yrMiddle level (>4 yrs exp.) – Avg. Salary/yrSenior level (5-9 yrs exp.) – Avg. Salary/yr
SEO SpecialistIndia₹1,76,578 ₹2,34,460 ₹4,58,532
Pay-Per-Click AnalystIndia ₹3,00,000₹5,00,000₹7,00,000
UK£18,000 £25,000£32,000
Web developerIndia ₹2,00,000 ₹5,00,000₹6,00,000
UK£33280£43,077 £53515
Social Media Marketing SpecialistIndia₹2,52,444₹3,40,924₹6,85,923 
US $39,520 $56,000$64,808
Search Engine Marketing SpecialistIndia₹2,80,000 ₹3,63,547 ₹9,75,000
US$57,416 $66338$91,800
Data AnalystIndia  ₹3,00,000₹4,00,000₹11,00,000
UK£19,721 £34,255£77,500
Paid Media SpecialistIndia₹3,00,000₹5,00,000₹7,50,000
US $52,500$69,367 $82608 
UK£30,400 £40,400 £50,000
Content WriterIndia₹2,89,095₹4,00,000₹5,00,000
UK£27,328 £29,000£34,076
Digital Marketing ManagerIndia₹5,48,755 ₹7,09,800₹19,05,000
US$62,500 $85,425$165,337
Content Marketing ManagerIndia₹4,79,323 ₹5,13,369 ₹8,18,583 
US$62,894 $82,857$1,74,300
UK £28,373£30,215$70,488

Source: Ziprecruiter, Payscale, Ambition Box, Glassdoor, Indeed

Also, check out these top digital marketing skills that will help you hone your digital skills.

        Soft Skills      Hard Skills
CreativityMarketing analytics and data analysis
CuriosityCopywriting/Content Writing
IntuitionSEO tools
Persuasion skillsGoogle ads 
Analytical skillsSocial media ads 
Adapting abilityOrganic social media skills
Social SkillsVideo Production
Multi-tasking skillsWordPress

Create magic through a wide range of tools

By now, you might have realized that a digital marketing professional deals with a wide range of tasks and marketing channels to implement a successful marketing strategy. This is also aided by a variety of tools and software. These instruments are used to establish and track campaigns, evaluate data, and set up advertising campaigns. Some of the most crucial tools a manager of digital marketing should be familiar with are:

Now that you know what they are, what are the skill sets you need to thrive as a digital marketer?

Supercool fact: A minimum of 64% of consumers click on Google Ads when shopping online!

Unravel the digital marketer in you

Digital marketing is perfect for anyone wishing to upskill, start their own companies, or work as a full-time freelancer because most of the time you don’t have to be physically present in a certain location. A career in digital marketing is unquestionably a wise decision now that you have seen how the industry has developed over the years and what the future holds for it in terms of career chances and employment scope. The following tests will help you analyze your skill levels in this booming field. Try it out!

  1. Competency Diagnostic Test, NASSCOM: 
  2. Free Skills Test, Digital Marketing Institute:  
  3. Marketing Analytics Aptitude Test, Test Dome:

Become a Digital Marketing Luminary

Now that you have completed your assessment, are you wondering if a digital marketing career is right for you? Based on your technical and creative skills, you should have little trouble finding work as a web developer, digital marketing manager, content manager, video editor, etc. But don’t panic if you don’t think you’re that technologically savvy or creatively evolved. To remain relevant in your job role, there are several ways to pick up new skills and improve existing ones. Check out these exciting digital marketing courses offered by premium institutions and academies and shoot for the stars!

Paid courses:

  1. Digital Marketing Expert, American Marketing Association
  1. Digital Marketing for Business Growth, IIM Bangalore
  1. Digital Marketing and Analytics, IIM Kozhikode:
  1. Digital & Social Media Marketing Strategy, IIM Calicut
  1. Digital Marketing and Strategy, IIM Indore
  1. Digital and Social Media Marketing, IIM Ahmedabad
  1. Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategy, IIM Raipur
  1. Google Digital Marketing, Coursera
  1. Digital Marketing, Wharton Online

Free courses:

  1. Fundamentals of Digital Marketing, Google
  1. Digital Advertising, Hubspot Academy
  1. Digital Marketing, Hubspot Academy
  1. Introduction to digital marketing, Great Learning
  1. Social Media Marketing, Hubspot Academy
  1. Inbound Marketing, Hubspot Academy
  1. Digital Marketing for SMBs, Semrush Academy
  1. How to Get Hired as a Digital Marketer, Semrush Academy
  1. PPC marketing courses, WordStream
  1. Internet Marketing, Oxford HSC
  1. Social Media Marketing, Oxford HSC

Stay in the loop!

Finally, if the digital marketer in you is really impelling you to follow the companies that are doing extremely well with their online presence and digital campaigns, here is a brief list to help you out:

FlipkartAxis bank
CapgeminiAmerican Express

Supercool fact: Every day, 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube!


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