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Retirement planning in the modern era: The top 5 options to consider

Retirement is frequently seen as the culmination of a career. But should age be a barrier for those who want to take on a new guard? Some people use retirement as an opportunity to travel the world or revive their passions like dancing or writing. Others might desire to start a side business, switch to a new interest or talent, or even take a completely different path. Whatever the path is, it’s important that we find opportunities that allow us to socialise, thereby enhancing our mental, emotional, and physical welfare.

Due to changes in workplace culture, technology, and educational options, finding new occupations for people over 60 is now simpler than ever. The network-generated leads, social work opportunities, traditional business-based employment, and several online job portals help retirees in planning their careers smartly. The best thing is many organisations are now more than willing to use older workers’ experience if they are knowledgeable about current industry trends and have the most up-to-date abilities. 

Here are the top 5 opportunities that retirees over 60 can explore:

1. Utilize the power of social media

A fantastic approach to making money from the comfort of your home after retirement is through social media. Even if you’re not familiar with social media, you can learn about it by enrolling in some straightforward classes on online learning platforms like Alison, Udemy etc. You can learn the basics of social media marketing and work with companies that are constantly on the lookout for skilled social media professionals. Additionally, you can develop your own content depending on your interests and begin promoting it on different social media sites. Movie reviews, technology talks, inspirational speeches, food tips, etc. are some options to consider.

2. Grab online teaching opportunities

Retirees who like working with learners might appreciate being a tutor or a teaching assistant. By registering with online learning sites like Vedantu, Unacademy, Coursera etc., you can teach from the convenience of your home. Additionally, you can start teaching your favourite courses on YouTube, Udemy etc without even needing to work every day. Also, if you are interested to work with universities, you can apply for part-time teaching assistant positions that will be online or physical.

3. Unleash your writing skills

As a retiree, one of the best work-from-home careers that can evoke your creativity is content writing or blogging. This takes no formal education or training but a knack for language and enough computer know-how to understand how to use different content management systems. Nowadays, there is a huge demand for content creators for online publications because the majority of information is consumed online. It pays well and has many opportunities in different industries like education, IT, media, hospitality etc. All you need is a computer, a good internet connection, and some room for your ideas.

4. Start a new online business 

As an experienced professional, you are more qualified and self-assured to launch your own business where you may choose your working hours and pace as a result of your professional achievement over the years. Launchpad or accelerator programmes can assist you in obtaining the guidance and assistance required to launch a new venture in the digital sphere. You can also use e-commerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart etc if you have some collection of materials that you would like to promote and sell easily.

5. Explore diverse volunteering opportunities

NGOs, mental health facilities, shelter houses, etc. are constantly in need of compassionate individuals who can advance society’s well-being. Healthy older adults’ skills and life experiences will be beneficial to these organisations in many ways, and there are numerous options for you to get involved after retirement. Supporting underprivileged children, empowering women from remote areas, raising awareness of mental health issues, etc are some of the volunteering options that you can consider based on your interest.


Retirement is a time to reflect on what you want to do with your life. It can be a trying time that forces you to think critically about your beliefs, way of life, and health. It can also be liberating, representing the beginning of a new chapter. Do a self-evaluation of your abilities, interests, and values before looking into the possibilities available in the job market. After carefully weighing your options and skills, network with friends, family, and co-workers, use online resources and plan your post-retirement goals diligently.

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