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Crafting cover letters

Crafting a perfect cover letter

Do you enjoy writing cover letters or think of them as a hassle? The fact is, even if it’s a hassle, many prospective employers still use them to evaluate an applicant’s personality, precision, and communication skills. The secret to producing good cover letters is to adhere to guidelines and speak clearly but persuasively. And, what about the length of a cover letter? Ideally, there is no set length for a cover letter unless stated otherwise in the job description. You can concentrate on the information that is most crucial for the position when deciding how long a cover letter should be. Want to know some tips?

Here are some suggestions to help you give an idea about developing a perfect cover letter.

Include proper contact information

While preparing your cover letter, you must ensure the contact information is precise and appropriate in the cover letter heading. Some contact info you might include is Name, Address, E-mail address, Phone number, Linkedin profile, portfolio, personal website URL, etc. For example:

Riya Mohan

10/20 MM Street

Kollam, Kerala, India

91 9999999999

Address properly

You don’t want your cover letter to get into the wrong hands, therefore knowing how to address a cover letter properly is essential. Avoid using a dated generic salutation like “To whom it may concern.” If needed, use standard honorifics (“Ms.” rather than “Mrs.”). If you are aware of the recruiting manager’s name for this position, start your cover letter by addressing them (Example: Dear Arpitha Raj). You can start your letter with a simple “Hello” or “Dear Manager” if you don’t know the hiring manager’s name. 

Explain your uniqueness

In your opening paragraph, explain what sets you apart from the competition and why you’re the best candidate. Keep your tone upbeat and use a specific example from your job history or skill set to catch the employer’s eye. Talk about your greatest professional qualifications, your distinctive skills, and how you can help the organization succeed in your body paragraph. Describe the aspects of the business that you find appealing and why you wish to work there. Pay special attention to the job description’s keyword list, and then use the ones you find in the body of your cover letter. Only the most recent or professional experiences should be included.

Conclude professionally

If you’ve ever pondered how to write a strong concluding paragraph for a cover letter, it’s rather simple. Your cover letter should end with a summary of your qualifications, a statement of your interest in the position, and, most crucially, a request for contact with the company. Finish your cover letter in a professional manner, followed by your name. The most typical phrase is “Sincerely,” however other options can include “Thank you” and “Best Regards”. 

Don’t forget to proofread

Before submitting, go over your cover letter several times again, looking for any spelling, grammar, or punctuation mistakes. Finding problematic language or lengthy sentences might be made easier by reading the letter aloud!

Explore cover letter templates

If you want to create a cover letter quickly, then cover letter templates can help you develop a well-formatted, appealing cover letter easily. There are diverse ATS-friendly cover letter templates that can help you get your career off to the correct start.  Now, explore different types of templates that are created based on industry standards by clicking any of the following links.

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