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Tips To Ace Digital Job Interviews

Attending your first digital job interview can be daunting. You might be concerned about the format of digital interviews, the types of questions you’ll be asked or what strategies would help you do well. Here are some tips to help you ace digital interviews smartly:

Understand the format of Digital Interviews

As you may know, a digital interview is a virtual meeting between candidates and possible employers in which the latter can communicate live over a webcam or the former can record their responses and afterwards examine them at their convenience. Some digital interviews use a pre-recorded format in which applicants respond to questions that have already been chosen. A question will often appear on your screen, giving you some time to consider your response before pressing the record button and having a minute or two to respond. In order to make the interview process more comfortable, some organisations will prerecord a member of their team asking you the questions rather than displaying text on the screen.

Understand the Digital Interview Questions

Each company creates their own digital interview questions, much like in a face-to-face interview, therefore preparing for a digital interview should be quite similar to preparing for one in person. The time constraints for your answers must be understood, though. Since everyone on a digital interview platform receives identical questions, it effectively levels the playing field between you and the other applicants. 

Research about the company

Like with every interview, you must do your homework about your prospective company. Knowing the background of your prospective employer will enable you to ask more reflective questions during the interview, which will help you stand out from the competition. Browse the company website to know more about the organisation. Additionally, you can look for recent articles about the organisation to find out more about its associations with charities and other companies, and you can browse its social media pages to find out more about its background.

Practice your facial expressions

Consider your online hiring process as a performance. You can read all the written stuff you like beforehand, but practising is still the key to success. Understand how to interpret typical interview questions, be prepared to respond to challenging inquiries, and have a system in place to ensure that you completely address every question that is posed to you. Practice in front of a mirror or a web camera, paying close attention to how you may accentuate your facial expressions. Although it could seem silly and forced, it will make it simpler for the hiring managers to watch your reactions on video, which will help you exhibit your best self.

Set up the interview gadget appropriately

Choose the interview gadget that you feel most at ease using. A laptop or computer typically performs better than a phone or tablet. Make sure the gadget you choose to use has enough power and check the functionality of your microphone and webcam as well as your internet connection’s speed. To make sure your internet is operating at its fastest possible speed, ask your family members or housemates to log out while you’re in your interview. Also, check and verify your connection by typing “Internet speed test” into the search bar on Google. 

Get familiar with the interview platform

Be familiar with the platform used for your interview by learning it (Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc). Download the interface if you’ve never used it before, then practise using the features by simulating calls with a friend or family member. Unexpected technological failures can impede your performance during the digital interview if you are not adept at the most relevant features of the virtual interview platform.

  Choose a tidy background

Choose a tidy, distraction-free space to attend your digital interview. Too much stuff in your background will divert recruiters’ focus from you. Positioning yourself with your back to a wall that is a solid colour will also help you project the best image of yourself. Make sure there are no distracting sounds, such as dogs barking or cats fighting. As per a study mentioned in an article by Benjamin Laker et al. published in Harvard Business Review, applicants with a tidy background were less likely to exhibit unconscious prejudices and in contrast to beaches, mountains, or outer space, the majority of the recruiters preferred virtual backgrounds of office settings. 

Set up the lighting aptly

You want prospective employers to have the best possible impression of you. Light yourself from the front while you’re on the phone. If your light source is behind you, you’ll become a shadowy figure, and the recruiter will be preoccupied with trying to see you rather than listening to what you have to say. If you have a desk light, direct it toward your face so that people can see you well. Consider using chilly light rather than warm light. 

Don the proper attire

You should make an effort with how you dress for your digital interview, just as you would for a formal in-person interview. Dressing improperly is one of the top blunders applicants make when going through the interview process. If you’re unsure about how to dress for your interview, opt for a more formal look because every firm has its own culture and requirements for attire.

Manage your mistakes astutely

 You often won’t have a chance to re-record an interview. If you make a mistake, simply grin and make any minor corrections in a relaxed manner. Prepare to market yourself as a candidate, emphasising how your talents match the demands of the firm and what you can do to help them achieve their goals. 

Your interviewers will appreciate that you were well-prepared enough to present yourself in the best possible light if you adhere to these strategies, which should make your digital interview reasonably straightforward and possibly even enjoyable!

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