Amrita Alumni

Partnership with Yale Alumni Services Corps (YASC)

Amrita University is collaborating with Yale Alumni Service Corps under “Our Common Future” to develop and organize unique virtual service projects for Amrita alumni-led NGOs and under-served communities in India. This prestigious partnership allows you to work with Yale alumni & students in Business consulting and mentoring, Virtual book clubs and teacher-to-teacher interactions, Women’s empowerment and gender equity, Healthcare for the poor, and more. Explore the benefits!

Amrita Alumni-YASC partnership benefits:

  • Connect with Yale alumni and students worldwide

  • Be part of a philanthropic culture that involves supporting environment & sustainability initiatives

  • Participate in upskilling, continuing education, student involvement, mentorship, career services, volunteerism, etc.

  • Collaborate in independent ways within alumni groups (via social events, research publications, etc.)

  • Collaborate with alumni businesses and departments and utilize chances for leadership development and mentoring

  • Collaborate with YSCA & Amrita clubs to find fellow alumni who have strong ties to specific passions

  • Participate in YSCA-Amrita events that will foster enduring customs, events, accolades, and pride among alumni

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